Yesterday Ben and I left Bangkok for northern Thailand to the city of Chiang Mai. After five full days in a city of sophisticated chaos, where an engaging and efficient transportation infrastructure coincides with small scale disorder of tourist scams, imitation bazaars, and prostitution utopia; I find myself missing the stimulating city. Filled with neon lights and an indescribable blend of sounds and smells, Bangkok epitomizes the Thai world of perfecting food, understanding fashion, and maintaining a facade in many changes of scale. While fundamental browsing in a market turns into a daunting day of displaying one’s bargaining skills, the worthwhile trade off of flaunting a well earned ‘prize’ from haggling in one of Bangkok’s many lavish designer malls, leaves me questioning who is the latter marketing if the market perfects the desirable degree of imitation the audience craves? or, on a lighter note, is the mall just one of the various public exhibition grounds that demonstrates Ben’s hypothesis on Thai life, that the colder the air conditioning the nicer the space? Though vogue infests the urban fabric, perhaps Bangkok’s most notable globetrotter obsession and resident addiction presents itself even more shamelessly among the city’s interiors: sex. I’m not ashamed to admit that Ben and I finally caved to our curiosity one night in hopes of discovering the meaning of a ‘ping pong show;’ but what our visual perspective afforded us after accepting a free quick look from an employer of the nightclub ‘Super Pu**y’ in Bangkok’s infamous Pat Pong, I will not disclose. Fortunately, the emotional impact was successfully drowned by subsequent Long Island Ice Teas at one of the many neighboring bars, where I relentlessly guarded my territory as Thai prostitutes made consistent, and obviously unsuccessful, advances on Ben. While Bangkok primarily posses extremes, from liberal expression of leisure and wealth to emergent metropolitan performance, I find these are the characteristics that make Bangkok fantastic.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

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