Christmas & New Years Photo Diary

After meeting Ben in Paris for his birthday, we very briefly celebrated an early Christmas with his family in the DC area (Vienna, Virginia), before heading to Knoxville for the week of Christmas. Though an exhausting series of flights (missed, delayed, and taken), it was a luxury to be back home for the holidays. Following Knoxville, Ben and I returned to Virgina for a few days before heading to Fontainebleau, and celebrated New Year’s Eve by cooking a fantastic dinner for the two of us. A perfect wrap for 2012.

Note: As I was more focused on video, I took few pictures during the 2012 holiday break.

Iceland Air to the States


1. & 2. Icelandair back to the States

Christmas in Virginia

Christmas in Virginia

3. & 4. Celebrating Christmas in Virginia with Ben’s Family

Christmas in Virginia

Ben's famous Jiggy Jig soap

5. Opening presents / 6. Ben’s famous homemade Jiggy Jig soap

Road tripping to Tennessee

Road tripping to Tennessee

7. & 8. Road tripping to Tennessee

Roadtrip snacks

Mom being cute

9. Roadtrip snacks / 10. Mom being cute

Tennessee River sunrise

Knoxville downtown Marriott

11. Tennessee River sunrise / 12. Knoxville downtown Marriott

Christmas in Tennessee

Mom and I

13. Tennessee Christmas / 14. Mom wearing her handmade sweater from Lapland (bought at Gammlia Winter Market)

Family holiday bar crawl


15. & 16. Sibling annual holiday bar crawl in downtown Knoxville

Family holiday bar crawl

Preservation Pub, Knoxville

17. Peter Kern Library / 18. Preservation Pub

Preservation Pub, Knoxville

My brother's downtown apartment

19. Preservation Pub / 20. At my brother’s downtown apartment

The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville

The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville

21. & 22. The French Market Crêperie

The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville

The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville

23. & 24. The French Market Crêperie

Ben and I

The Crown and Goose Knoxville

25. & 26. The Crown and Goose Knoxville



27. & 28. Ben tried to play ‘abu,’ ‘wi,’ and ‘uni’… – (Wins: Ted 2, Karey 1)

Tyson McGee Airport

Only in the south...

29. Tyson McGee Airport / 30. Airport goodies, only in the South…

Flying over the Smoky Mountains

New Year's Eve dinner

31. Flying over the Smoky Mountains / 32. Cooking NYE dinner back in Virginia

Foam Henge panorama, Natural Bridge, Virginia

A pit stop in Foam Henge (Natural Bridge, Virginia) on our way to TN – click photo for higher resolution

Knoxville Notes & Recommendations:


When visiting Knoxville, we often go to The Crown and Goose for dinner, a London Gastropub in the Old City. As my brother currently lives in downtown Knoxville on Gay Street, we also frequently visit The French Market for delicious crepes, Coolato Gelato, The Tomato Head for pizza (if we don’t order take away from Stefano’s), Just Ripe, and Cafe 4.


Three years ago we began an annual sibling bar crawl in Knoxville with friends over the holidays. Some of our routine hits are Preservation Pub, The Peter Kern Library speakeasy at the Oliver Hotel, Sapphire, and Downtown Grill and Brewery.

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