I’m Coming Home

Hello from Wellington, New Zealand! After spending 3 weeks on the South Island, I arrived on the North Island a few days ago and have continued doing . . . . . not much at all actually. Despite beautiful landscapes and friendly people, the winter weather has taken no mercy, and combined with a jaw dropping bank statement, I unfortunately admit not much was going for me my first few weeks. Although, I willvacknowledge a personnel reoccurring trend of laziness and lack of urge to battle my absence of motivation. So while I presently am a ‘bad’ backpacker or tourist, on the bright side, I have spent many rainy days working on a few personnel website projects and I am developing a very pleasant social life in my youth hostel.

A few quick notes on the NZ places I have been:

I arrived in Christchurch, and luckily got out a few days later. From there I headed a little bit north to Picton, where I did some day hiking in the Queen Charlotte Sounds, but more so enjoyed my hostel’s hot tub and free apple crumble. There I meet my Scottish acquaintance Alison, who liked me too much, and unfortunately friend ‘cock blocked’ me for a week from meeting ANY other travelers to hang out with. Once I escaped her in the very lovely town of Nelson, I spent a week hopping between cafes, thrift stores, and even treated myself to highlights at a nice salon. After the Nelson hostel owner gave me the family friend discount I realized it was time to move on and headed over to the Able Tasman national park for some more hiking, but left the area sooner than expected because I felt uncomfortably out of the scene in my hostel that was hosting a large group of immigrant workers and a country music band. After seriously debating life WWOOFing (I even joined online), I declined a few offers to help the cows calve due to a change in duration of my NZ trip (see far below) and from there I bounced through a few stops on my way up via the ferry to Wellington.

Once arriving in this lovely town, my luck took a nice turn up after I meet my West Virginian pal Annie, with whom I have just shared three wonderful days of wine, dodging piggybacks from the Irish, late night kabobs, mid day kabobs, New World Grocery store, Wholly Bagel, contemplating the tripple ripple from Domino’s, avoiding backpackers in bars who practice ‘one upper’ story telling, the Mighty Mighty Bar, talking shit, not doing shit, and most importantly reaching our ‘tipping point’ so we don’t give a shit. Unfortunately she heads up to Auckland tomorrow, and my lack of planning leaves me here for awhile longer; though luckily I have scored a free 5 day membership to a kickin’ gym on the waterfront after posing to be interested in a long term plan. No shame in my game.

Anyhow, for those of you that do not know, after 8 months of wonderful traveling, I will happily be returning the good ‘ol US of A in two weeks to make it home in time for two very very very important events: 1. my 1 year anniversary with Ben (awwwwee) 2. The Tennesse/Florida football game in wonderful Knoxville, TN.

Before setting camp with Ben in the DC area, I will be making rounds in TN, DC, and NYC for a few weeks, so if you are in one of those regions and would like to buy me coffee or preferably Taco Bell, let me know.

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