Dog Sledding in Abisko

Abisko Dog Sledding


My sister Kelly has a lot of interesting strengths, one of them being her acute sense of hearing, which we assume she inherited from our mother. Seeing as dog sledding in Abisko was booked full during our stay, this talent proved clutch as we were sitting in the hostel living room tinkering on our electronics, eaves dropping on others minding our own business. All the way down the hall at reception, Kelly could hear two women attempting to cancel their dog sledding reservation. As Kelly informed me of this current event, and Magnus, the unhelpful employee working reception, was refusing to help, I simply said ‘run.’ And voila, 10 minutes later we had our beloved dog sledding reservation for the following day.

Abisko Dog Sledding - Dressed for -18 Celsius

Dressed for -18 Celsius

Our afternoon tour was with Abisko Dogsled, led by Morgan and Lina. We were picked up at our hostel and taken to town, where two teams of Alaskan Huskies were waiting. After helping harness the dogs, amidst lots of playing, we began our two hour ride.

Abisko Dog Sledding

Preparing the sled

Abisko Dog Sledding

Kelly would have been content playing instead of riding…

Abisko Dog Sledding

Perfect weather for a giddy up

Abisko Dog Sledding - Riding at dusk

Riding at dusk

Abisko Dog Sledding - Taking a break

Taking a break

Abisko Dog Sledding - Blue eyes

Blue eyes

Abisko Dog Sledding

The leader of our sled liked to roll her face in the snow…

Abisko Dog Sledding

Son & mother dogs in a rare peaceful moment

Abisko Dog Sledding - Ready to go

Ready to go

Abisko Dog Sledding - Mush!


While I was very excited about dog sledding prior to the trip, the actual experience far exceeded my expectations. At the risk of sounding cheesy – a combination of wonderful weather, the opportunity to interact with and observe all the dogs’ radically different personalities, and wear a kick ass cold weather spacesuit – all made for an awesome winter adventure with my sister.

And some fun footage from my sister’s camera:


  1. Binjie Dong
    Dec 20, 2014 @ 16:57:57

    We have two people really want dogsled tomorrow, but our reception told us there is fully booked. We will leave here the day after tomorrow. Are there available places of dogsled for us tomorrow?


    • admin
      Dec 20, 2014 @ 17:08:07

      Hi Binjie, I was a tourist as well, so do not know the schedules. But we did not have a reservation either and were able to get a spot when another group canceled. So I would give your contact details to reception incase of a cancelation. Good luck!


  2. Franco
    Dec 18, 2016 @ 18:19:02

    Hello, we are a couple that will visit Abisko on the 5 and the 6 of January 2017.
    We are interested to dogsled, could you send us information about the organization with you did it?
    Thank you
    Franco & Anna Maria


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