Enthnography in Fontainebleau Photo Diary

Back at the end of March, I took a very last minute trip to visit Ben in Fontainebleau. Originally, I didn’t think I would be able to take time off from school until potentially April or May to travel to France, but quite lucked out.

My larger end of semester project at school is designing a service to reduce anxiety for children with cancer undergoing radiotherapy. For the last two weeks of March, as a preliminary research exercise to learn and practice ethnography, we were asked to find individual and unfamiliar spots around Umeå to observe for a week. While introducing the class to ethnography, my professor stressed the importance of these spots being new to ourselves, and how not knowing the language can be beneficial. I instantly realized I am even MORE unfamiliar with French culture, so perhaps it would be even better to find a spot in France! By lunch I had booked my flights for the following day. Oh, and visit Ben too (wink).

Ben's Château

Grocery shopping, Fontainebleau

1. Ben’s Château / 2. Grocery/wine shopping in Fontainebleau (very different from Umeå…)

Wednesday karaoke at Le Jet Lag

Wednesday karaoke at Fontainebleau

3. & 4. Wednesday karaoke at Fontainebleau

Two backpacks are better than one

INSEAD Library

5. Two backpacks are better than one / 6. INSEAD Library

Antica Trattoria, Fontainebleau

Antica Trattoria, Fontainebleau

7. & 8. Antica Trattoria (Italian)

La Couronne d'Argent, Fontainebleau

La Couronne d'Argent, Fontainebleau

9. & 10. La Couronne d’Argent (Chinese)

Cooking dinner in Fontainebleau

Beer pong in Fontainebleau

11. Cooking dinner / 12. Beer pong

Photo booth in Gare du Nord

Photo booth in Gare du Nord

13. & 14. Passing layover time in a photo booth at Gare du Nord (Paris)

I meant to take more photos of Ben’s house, but somehow forgot, though will try to remember when I return at the end of May.

And, in case you are curious, I focused my practice ethnographic study on French behavior on trains.

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