I Need a Shot of Ambition in Tasmania

After much research and investigation, followed by extreme deliberation, I have officially decided to embark upon a nomadic adventure into the fluid landscape of Tasmania. Pink granite mountains, white sand beaches, grey-green casuarinas, seawater blue as sapphire – form the palette of an architectural wonder one might say presents a city within itself, giving rise to new urban form: the premiere holiday destination with luxury accommodation. Aesthetically speaking, the environmental impact analysis, provides a rich colonial history with cool-climate wines and fine local produce; and is further compounded by taking into account succulent grass-fed beef and lamb, full-flavored game meats, superb seafood, salt-sweet oysters – while also taking into consideration the evolution of performance specifications of the Tasmanian East Coast fishing ports.

Actually, to put it short . . . . I start tomorrow waitressing at Freycinet Lodge. And I am nervous as hell. Wish me luck.

Exploration of Freycinet’s rich history awaits your discovery:

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