First Snow in Umeå Photo Diary

Though it’s certainly been cold in Umeå for sometime now, with a few snow dustings as well, if you weren’t sure if winter had arrived, the past few days assured its presence. This past weekend it snowed around 8 inches, with an additional 8 falling last night, totaling around 40 cm in the past three days.

Some of my classmates have switched from biking to walking, but even despite my lack of snow tires I’ve been able to continue on two wheels thus far. Perhaps the helmet sent by my mom has made me a bit arrogant on the roads. An arrogant American? Nahhhh. The back roads are a bit tricky in the morning before they are plowed, but by the evening all roads and sidewalks are packed snow or ice, flat either way. Do I secretly want to gently land in a large pile of fresh fluffy snow? I think so, maybe.

The primary bike bridge in town is heated, resulting in crunchy ice if used in the morning, but quite nice in the afternoon. The city centrum walking roads and sidewalks are also heated, resulting in a similar hopscotch of icy and safety.

The days continue to get shorter. Or perhaps day isn’t the right word as sunrise bleeds into sunset, resulting in 4 hours of lovely colors over the river from the design school. Or am I trying to romanticize the sun rising after I arrive to school and setting at lunch time? Where do I buy Vitamin D?

And of course there is the cold. I’m trying to pretend 1°F (-17°C) isn’t so bad as -40°F temps will be reached later. Then again, if my snot is already freezing and a classmates contacts froze and fell out of her eyes this weekend, what’s next? Though, I welcome a bit of adventure in Umeå, even if it transpires in extreme temperatures.

Walk through Stadsliden

Walk through Stadsliden

1. & 2. Walking through Stadsliden

Walk through Stadsliden

Walk through Stadsliden

3. & 4. Walking through Stadsliden

Snow covered bike

Downtown heated sidewalks

5. Snow covered bike / 6. Downtown heated sidewalks

1pm sunset over a frozen river

Under the bridge, across the river

7. 1pm sunset over a frozen river / 8. Under the bridge, across the river

Beautiful trees

Umeå City Church

9. Beautiful trees / 10. Umeå City Church

Low sun creating long shadows

Arts Campus

11. Low sun creating long shadows / 12. Arts Campus

On the way to Umeå centrum

White everywhere

13. On the way to Umeå centrum / 14. White everywhere

2pm nightfall at Umeå City Church

Downtown snow piles

15. 2pm nightfall at Umeå City Church / 16. Downtown snow piles

Snow depth

Bicycle in Umeå centrum

17. Snow depth / 18. Bicycle in Umeå centrum

By the river

By the river

19. & 20. By the river

Night biking

Morning biking

21. Night biking / 22. Morning biking


  1. alissa
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 22:58:01

    cute boots! Wow, even though you might not have a lot of sun it still looks nice. Stay cool 😛


  2. Nancy
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 09:58:37

    A perfecto location to design and construct a snow fort….with a heated floor.
    Icees could be offered all day…night long ;-D


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