Tisbury Circular (via Alvediston)

Tisbury Circular via Alvediston

Tisbury Circular via Alvediston

Following a stressful two weeks, attributable to both Ben and I getting sick and myself completing a massive personal deadline, we decided to do what we do best and decompress via an intense day hike.

Friday evening we found the Tisbury Circular via Alvediston on our favorite website for England day hikes accessible from London – Saturday Walkers Club. About 2.5 hours outside of London and marked at 26 kilometers (16.2 miles), due to a pub stop and getting lost a few times, the walk itself ended up being 40 kilometers over 9 hours, making it a very long day. That being said, it was a beautiful and perfect escape, and we would highly recommend!

We left London around 8.30am on Saturday and arrived in Tisbury via South West Trains around 11am. Have planned this last minute and without a printer at home, upon arriving in Tisbury we immediately sought somewhere to print the walk maps and directions. The library, situated near the top of the high street in the quaintest possible old building, was recommended by the train station attendant. Open only until noon, we made it just in time! No joke, I don’t know how you could complete this walk without a printed copy of the directions. Our phones definitely wouldn’t have lasted and we definitely would not have wanted to check them every 5 minutes for directions.

Though we got lost a few times, overall, the directions are fabulous, and the occasionally time a field path is overgrown, despite adding a bit of time, it’s not too difficult to diverge and get back on track soon after. We highly recommend the The Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe for an ale – lovely beer garden – and Chinese takeout on Tisbury high street if you are famished upon returning at sunset and have 20 minutes before the last train back to London! Tisbury itself was very nice and would have loved myself to have a bit of time to explore some lovely looking town shops.

Note: The post office also prints, but only via USB

Beautiful wheat waves on Tisbury Circular

Beautiful wheat waves

Manly clear... and unclear paths on the Tisbury Circular

Manly clear… and unclear paths

Castle Ditches on the Tisbury Circular

Castle Ditches

Middle Down after Swallowcliffe

Middle Down after Swallowcliffe

St. Mary, Alvediston

St. Mary, Alvediston

Amazing textures on the Tisbury Circular

Tisbury textures

Cattle and eggs on Tisbury Circular

Cattle and eggs!

Graveyard at St. John the Baptist on Tisbury Circular

Graveyard at St. John the Baptist

Arable fields on the Tisbury Circular

Arable fields

Fovant Badges of WW1 on Tisbury Circular

Fovant Badges of WW1

Lots of deer on Tisbury Circular

Lots of deer

Sunset on Tisbury Circular


Tisbury, Wiltshire

Tisbury, Wiltshire

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